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Frequently Asked Questions

Which fundraiser is best for me? Most of the time schools, sports teams or groups do best with our wrapping paper, gift and magazine brochure or cookie dough brochure. These brochures are completely risk free and can be taken to work by parents or offered to friends and family. In addition, you can combine the Frozen program with the wrap brochure. Many factors might influence your choice of fundraisers, so call us for a free consultation at 415-715-4880.

How easy is it to run a fundraiser? Running a fundraiser with is extremely easy. We help you select the sale that will work for your group, deliver brochures free of charge, host a “kick off” event if needed, and provide free prize incentives. All you need to do is pass out brochures, collect money and orders and coordinate delivery day. We provide easy to follow instructions and overnight delivery labels for mailing orders back to us. How easy is that and it is all Risk Free!!

How do I make my fundraiser more successful? Making your fundraiser more successful is fun. Communication is the key! Tell families why you’re raising money. Make signs and hold them up at the student drop off/pick up areas. Start a telephone tree to leave messages for all families and inspire them to sell more. Give families goals. For example, if every family sells 15 items you will net $25,000 for new computers.

Bake cookies and hand them out to parents on the sale start day. We will donate cookie dough to bake!

Send home notes several times during the sale to remind parents. Make sure the students know about the cool prizes they could win - maybe have an example of the top prize in the school office to tempt them.

Use your imagination or call us at 415-715-4880. We have tons of ideas and 30 years of experience.

How do I shop online? Go to the and click “Shop Online”.  Add items to your shopping cart and at "check out" make sure to put in your student's name and school so they can get credit for prizes.  Call at 415-715-4880 with any questions.

What if I have late orders after our sale has ended? Late orders can be emailed to Identify your school or group at the top of the order. Please wait a few days after the sale so you can email all late orders at once. Fewer emails means fewer shipments to your school and less confusion.