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Over $50 Million Raised  & 35 Years Experience!!

$1 - 6 Chocolates, Smencils and Beef Jerky

Pretzel Rods

Whitney's Fine Chocolates

                • $1 Variety Box of Chocolates
                • Peanut Butter Cups
                • Mint Patties
                • Caramel Cups
                • Milk Chocolate
                • Milk Chocolate with Almonds


$1 America's Favorite Chocolate Bar 

A variety of chocolate bars in many flavors including milk chocolate, Almond, Crisp, Mint, Caramel & Dark Chocolate

Beef Sticks

Oberto Beef sticks and Beef Jerky in a variety of flavors sell for $1 per item.

Smencils & Smens

Gourmet scented pencils and pens sell for $1-2 each.  Made from 100% recycled newspaper - saving trees one pencil at a time.

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